First blush introduction to remembering Oneness


We will have cause to thank the dark forces for assisting Divine Order, by bringing to light exactly that information which they tried to conceal.  Despite reaching the inevitable cycles end date, their absolute dedication to self-serving principals extended their stay but ensured a greater harvest of light.

All that sparkles is found in the Oneness that we are. Daily interaction and communication in the Oneness will encourage new sequencing and neurological pathways to hasten your return to full consciousness. A simple exercise involving water will stake your claim on the newly emergent receptors and have you soaring into bliss. All you need is a willing imagination or a body of water suitable for swimming. Water is the epitome of acceptance. All life emerges from water.  From Science to religion we turn to water to expand our awareness of life.  Science gleans information from the structure of space-time within the water molecule to understand the biological organization of our biosphere. Religious and spiritual practices around the world encourage immersion in water as one of the greatest tools for spiritual healing. From Holy Water and baptism to the special mikvehs of the Kabbalist tradition, water is recognized as our tangible, interactive connection to the Light of the Creator. Beyond the obvious fact that your body alone is over 70% water, communication from the conscious field of Oneness is supported through this medium. Water not only receives you fully in acceptance of every perception you have ever held about yourself, but does so without judgment of right and wrong. Foibles and err, virtue and might, water offers sweet access to blissful emergence of your conscious evolution. Just wade in. Coax your awareness to fully participate in the sensations of water on your skin. If your brain wants to analyze and label these sensations, allow feeling to seep in and possess dominion. Focus on feeling.  Regardless if the sensation registers as frigid or warm, as invigorating or a most gentle caress, arouse the sensations until water has saturated your senses. Swim, float or walk as if you are a sponge allowing your awareness to focus on all the water molecules within your body as well as the water surrounding your body. Each is in communion with the other. The information flows without barrier. You can place your awareness on the molecules of water within your body as well as the water surrounding your body with equal involvement and with equal significance. You can tap into any area of interest or concern, be it within your body or the body of water surrounding you. Play as your inner child or investigate as your inner scientist, but send your awareness to the far depths and reaches of this aqueous aspect of yourself. You might become aware that water from other locals has interacted with your experiment. You might find yourself visiting plants, animals or even other galaxies all via simple resonance with one molecule of water. This is the first blush introduction to remembering Oneness.

To help you discover the bountiful presence of Divine Order that exists all around you, please visit

Let’s celebrate remembering who you really are!


About shelleyatdelphi

Transformation Artist Reverend Shelley Evans is your modern day Delphic Oracle serving the Emerging Consciousness of One. This compelling devotion has its provenance in discovering that fear and separation disappear when you open your heart to the Oneness that we are. As director of Paranormal Affairs for CanStar Gold, Founder of Reflexions of the Garden, and Holistic Director and Special Events Coordinator for Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing, implementation of many strategic goals have been realized in countless individuals around the planet. Professional Consulting, Certifying and Teaching has excavated over thirty years of insights and experience to culminate in her book “The Oracle of Delphi”. What began in early childhood as a natural propensity to explore the bountiful Spirit world engaging our planet, has become the foundation for immeasurable joy in traversing beyond the realms of Astrotheology. Although parables and analogies once served to stimulate the hearts and minds of those intrigued by this topic, biweekly webinars are now offered by Rev. Shelley Evans, to catalyze the inner knowing we all hold. Live events and on-line support sustains a portal to the space in which your evolution will be enriched through the arcane Delphic Oracle. Reverend Shelley Evans has contributed to monthly literary, New Age, and Sport publications, program guides for international events, as well as ongoing Transformation Consultation posted under a variety of topics at her interactive websites. Fun facts about Shelley Self-employed on the Thoroughbred race circuit by age 16 Celebrated reaching legal age of 18 by traveling across Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Iran and Iraq Was blessed with the eldest of 5 children at age 24 and the youngest at age 45 Occupational journey included Organic Medicinal Herbal Producer, Artist [Painter], Muay Thai competitor and teacher, numerous Healing Modalities. Extra-curricular studies include Hawaiian language -University of Hilo Favored axiom; Necessity is the mother of invention Favorite location on the planet; Kauai Favorite teacher; Bill Donahue Favored aspiration; Return to full consciousness Blackfoot name; Sun Pipe Woman To help you discover the bountiful presence of Divine Order that exists all around you, please visit Let’s celebrate remembering who you really are!

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