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30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout

30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout hosted by the Calling Last family on the Kainai [Blood] Reserve, near Standoff, Alberta

Set up camp on Thursday, August30, 2012

*Five Day Campout featuring:

*Sweat Lodges

*Pipe Ceremonies

*Talking Circles

*Healing Workshops

*Closing Day Feast – Monday, September 03, 2012

*Free Camping


Please Respectfully Observe NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS [Security will be enforced]


Everyone is welcome!


Appropriate attire for Women attending Sweatlodge includes full-length dress, granny-gown, or skirt/ shirt should be loose fitting with sleeves please; no spaghetti straps and Be cautious that your garment does not become see-through when damp! Men can be in summer shorts and remember your towel! Our focus is on sincere prayer in communication with Divine Spirit.


*You may wish to bring fish, tobacco, fruit /berries and natural fabric prints such as cotton for offerings during sweat lodge.


For information please call Shelley at 403 830-4486 or Orlando at 403 929 3286


Not responsible for theft or injury




Directions from Calgary:

Highway 2 South to 505 Glenwood turnoff West

Landmark you will see Senator Gladstone Hall on Left

Turn on the second gravel road going North watch for ribbon markers onto property

GPS coordinates and pictures will be posted shortly just to take the guesswork out of it ;]

49.348865,-113.44217 – Google Maps




30th Annual Labour-Day Weekend Campout, 2012


Everyone is WELCOME to the 30th annual Labour-Day weekend camp-out

Hosted by the Calling Last family on the Kainai [Blood]Reserve near Standoff, Alberta, Canada.

Five-Day Camp-out Featuring;



*Talking Circles

*Healing Workshops

*Counselling Support

*Closing-Day Feast

*Free Camping

Set up Camp on Thursday, August 30- Friday August 31

Closing- Day Feast September 02,2012

NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS [Security Strictly Enforced]

Everyone is Welcome!

For more information please call;

Orlando Calling Last  403 929-3286


Shelley Evans 403 938-0095

Sponsored by Aboriginal Healing Foundation [Not responsible for Theft or Injury]