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Medicine Wheel Gathering 9/9/12

This Sunday, [9/9/ 2012] the ninth gate and continuing alignment with the central galactic sun will amplify our efforts and help us remember the sacred knowledge we all clearly understood prior to this embodiment.
A Divine Alchemy is occurring at an atomic/ cellular level not only within Humanity’s bodies, but in the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Mother Earth and all that is, as well. We have the opportunity to heal all relationships, in particular that with the Elemental Kingdom.
This ceremonial Heart Call to reconnect in our awareness will ask for and sanction their assistance with our conscious evolution.

We will celebrate with pipe ceremony and song at the sacred 7000 year old Sun-Dance site to intensify, concentrate, reinforce and accelerate our intentions a thousand times a thousandfold. Many around the world have also planned sacred gatherings on this day to collectively align and activate our Light Bodies/Merkabas to the recalibrated New Earth Template geometries of Light.
All are welcome to join us, for more information please call Orlando at 403 737-3740 or Shelley at 403 938-0095
Meet at Carmangay,Alberta at 12:00 noon to convoy out to the site. Share potluck style picnic after the ceremony ;please see additional post below for any who are interested in creating their own personal medicine wheel mandala imbued with the sacred energies of our day

Willow- approximately 3 foot
Hemp string – coloured or natural, approx. 2 yards
Ribbon – 4 x 2 yards
[suggested colours- Yellow, Sky Blue, Black and Red]
Herbs,Crystals or found objects to represent guardian spirits and 4 directions

Medicine Wheel, Alberta