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Super Attunement Reiki -*Degrees One and Two , October 27-28,2012

  • “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”
    Super Attunement Reikiprovides deeper more effective Reiki. Intuition and Experience providing specific arrays to gain a very pure energy flow through you, the Reiki practitioner. Super Attunement Reiki is taught from a background of Astrotheology to boldly uncloak causation–the light vibration of Intuition and Experience!

    Intuition; attuned to your hidden capacities
    Experience; to confer the total existence of all light, both visible and invisible.Reiki and Astrotheology together draw esoteric wisdom into fruitful existence of Health and Wellness, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mindfully.Degrees 1&2Produce deeper more significant effects by receiving your second degree [emotional body] symbol immediately following your level one 1st degree [physical body].

    Amplified super attunements, organized intensives and Astrotheology theory with practice time each day prepare you for immediate success and provide an introduction to the spiritual emphasis of 3rd and Mastery degrees.

    Reiki symbols are shown to the student prior to being attuned so that an imprinting takes place linking the image they are shown to the flow of metaphysical energies the symbol represents. It is the Reiki attunement that empowers the symbols enabling fulfillment of their intended purpose.

    $125.00* two days* two degrees!
    Reasonably adjusted fees encourage exploration of latent abilities and inner wisdom.
    Preregistration is required as space is limited!

Take your Reiki to the next level with Super Attunements. This class is the evolutionary leap for both accomplished practitioners and introductory level Reiki because the theory of old has become irrelevant in the hands of Reiki Astrotheology -Super Attunement practical application.  What was once esoteric wisdom becomes fruitful existence of Health and Wellness, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mindfully because we literally access a time and space of greater light.

We will look at the causation and genesis of Reiki however our focus will be on the physics or what was once seen as the magic of attunement. Free energy has always existed in abundance all around us despite our inability to see or utilize it. Now, through this simple process, you will have the interactive interface to begin to use this free energy as you so choose. No technology is needed, nor endless hours of study. The results of this divine and natural liberty are yours to accept whenever you are ready.

Receiving the super-attunement and learning to attune others will imprint the experience on all levels thus enabling you to replicate this action at will.

Our time has come; Step into your magnificence!