Your Stars of Fitness -Astrology!
This Saturday June 08, Gemini New Moon kicks things into action! 
This is a powerful time to seek ancient wisdom and reinvent ourselves in a way that is more in line with who we really want to be and what the human vehicle is really capable of!
When Mars conjoins Jupiter on June 8, along with the New Moon in Gemini, the Universe will expect you to DO something NEW to further your dreams.
Here are 3 reasons why Hot Hula could be your answer!

1- Hot Hula gives a clearer view of what the Human body is really capable of – dancers directly experience ‘mana’ or life force and spiritual energy in the sacred continuum that linked gods with man and nature. [ Saturday June 08,2013 is a special day to communicate with the ancestors.] 

2- Hot Hula contains a magic that transcends external beauty and power to reinvent a more authentic expression of self. 

3-Hot Hula sweats away the calories in a fun and effective total body workout achieving your weight-loss and fitness goals. 
Come down to Mike Miles Muay Thai to discover how the Aloha Spirit invigorates fitness!
Saturday, June 08,2013, Hot Hula makes it debut, from 2-3 pm Bring your friends and family- It’s FREE! Please call 403 244-8424 to register

Your Stars of Fitness -Astrology!This Saturday June 08,


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