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3 Stunning New Crop Circles in the UK: Aug 12-13


Good Morning, I have to share this lovely synchronistic find and potential interpretation of this crop circle!…West Kennett Longbarrow, near Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Reported August 13. This image is duplicated in David Wilcock part 4 “ACCESSING YOUR HIGHER SELF” at 34:34 into the video!…this image is referring to building of the lightbody, aka” rebuilding Solomon’s temple”… beckoning you to a higher consciousness, healing the shattered vessels etc..

Starship Earth: The Big Picture


These symbols are beautiful, but it’s so silly that we have to communicate this way when they could just come down here and talk to us or communicate telepathically—if it weren’t for you-know-who.

Harewell Lane, near Besford, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported August 12. For more aerial photos, see HERE.

West Kennett Longbarrow, near Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Reported August 13.  For more aerial photos, see HERE.

Hackpen Hill, near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported August 13.  For more aerial photos, see HERE.

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Your Stars of Fitness -Astrology!
This Saturday June 08, Gemini New Moon kicks things into action! 
This is a powerful time to seek ancient wisdom and reinvent ourselves in a way that is more in line with who we really want to be and what the human vehicle is really capable of!
When Mars conjoins Jupiter on June 8, along with the New Moon in Gemini, the Universe will expect you to DO something NEW to further your dreams.
Here are 3 reasons why Hot Hula could be your answer!

1- Hot Hula gives a clearer view of what the Human body is really capable of – dancers directly experience ‘mana’ or life force and spiritual energy in the sacred continuum that linked gods with man and nature. [ Saturday June 08,2013 is a special day to communicate with the ancestors.] 

2- Hot Hula contains a magic that transcends external beauty and power to reinvent a more authentic expression of self. 

3-Hot Hula sweats away the calories in a fun and effective total body workout achieving your weight-loss and fitness goals. 
Come down to Mike Miles Muay Thai to discover how the Aloha Spirit invigorates fitness!
Saturday, June 08,2013, Hot Hula makes it debut, from 2-3 pm Bring your friends and family- It’s FREE! Please call 403 244-8424 to register

Your Stars of Fitness -Astrology!This Saturday June 08,

Super Attunement Reiki -*Degrees One and Two , October 27-28,2012

  • “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”
    Super Attunement Reikiprovides deeper more effective Reiki. Intuition and Experience providing specific arrays to gain a very pure energy flow through you, the Reiki practitioner. Super Attunement Reiki is taught from a background of Astrotheology to boldly uncloak causation–the light vibration of Intuition and Experience!

    Intuition; attuned to your hidden capacities
    Experience; to confer the total existence of all light, both visible and invisible.Reiki and Astrotheology together draw esoteric wisdom into fruitful existence of Health and Wellness, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mindfully.Degrees 1&2Produce deeper more significant effects by receiving your second degree [emotional body] symbol immediately following your level one 1st degree [physical body].

    Amplified super attunements, organized intensives and Astrotheology theory with practice time each day prepare you for immediate success and provide an introduction to the spiritual emphasis of 3rd and Mastery degrees.

    Reiki symbols are shown to the student prior to being attuned so that an imprinting takes place linking the image they are shown to the flow of metaphysical energies the symbol represents. It is the Reiki attunement that empowers the symbols enabling fulfillment of their intended purpose.

    $125.00* two days* two degrees!
    Reasonably adjusted fees encourage exploration of latent abilities and inner wisdom.
    Preregistration is required as space is limited!

Take your Reiki to the next level with Super Attunements. This class is the evolutionary leap for both accomplished practitioners and introductory level Reiki because the theory of old has become irrelevant in the hands of Reiki Astrotheology -Super Attunement practical application.  What was once esoteric wisdom becomes fruitful existence of Health and Wellness, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mindfully because we literally access a time and space of greater light.

We will look at the causation and genesis of Reiki however our focus will be on the physics or what was once seen as the magic of attunement. Free energy has always existed in abundance all around us despite our inability to see or utilize it. Now, through this simple process, you will have the interactive interface to begin to use this free energy as you so choose. No technology is needed, nor endless hours of study. The results of this divine and natural liberty are yours to accept whenever you are ready.

Receiving the super-attunement and learning to attune others will imprint the experience on all levels thus enabling you to replicate this action at will.

Our time has come; Step into your magnificence!

Medicine Wheel Gathering 9/9/12

This Sunday, [9/9/ 2012] the ninth gate and continuing alignment with the central galactic sun will amplify our efforts and help us remember the sacred knowledge we all clearly understood prior to this embodiment.
A Divine Alchemy is occurring at an atomic/ cellular level not only within Humanity’s bodies, but in the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Mother Earth and all that is, as well. We have the opportunity to heal all relationships, in particular that with the Elemental Kingdom.
This ceremonial Heart Call to reconnect in our awareness will ask for and sanction their assistance with our conscious evolution.

We will celebrate with pipe ceremony and song at the sacred 7000 year old Sun-Dance site to intensify, concentrate, reinforce and accelerate our intentions a thousand times a thousandfold. Many around the world have also planned sacred gatherings on this day to collectively align and activate our Light Bodies/Merkabas to the recalibrated New Earth Template geometries of Light.
All are welcome to join us, for more information please call Orlando at 403 737-3740 or Shelley at 403 938-0095
Meet at Carmangay,Alberta at 12:00 noon to convoy out to the site. Share potluck style picnic after the ceremony ;please see additional post below for any who are interested in creating their own personal medicine wheel mandala imbued with the sacred energies of our day

Willow- approximately 3 foot
Hemp string – coloured or natural, approx. 2 yards
Ribbon – 4 x 2 yards
[suggested colours- Yellow, Sky Blue, Black and Red]
Herbs,Crystals or found objects to represent guardian spirits and 4 directions

Medicine Wheel, Alberta

30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout

30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 30th annual Labour Day Weekend Campout hosted by the Calling Last family on the Kainai [Blood] Reserve, near Standoff, Alberta

Set up camp on Thursday, August30, 2012

*Five Day Campout featuring:

*Sweat Lodges

*Pipe Ceremonies

*Talking Circles

*Healing Workshops

*Closing Day Feast – Monday, September 03, 2012

*Free Camping


Please Respectfully Observe NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS [Security will be enforced]


Everyone is welcome!


Appropriate attire for Women attending Sweatlodge includes full-length dress, granny-gown, or skirt/ shirt should be loose fitting with sleeves please; no spaghetti straps and Be cautious that your garment does not become see-through when damp! Men can be in summer shorts and remember your towel! Our focus is on sincere prayer in communication with Divine Spirit.


*You may wish to bring fish, tobacco, fruit /berries and natural fabric prints such as cotton for offerings during sweat lodge.


For information please call Shelley at 403 830-4486 or Orlando at 403 929 3286


Not responsible for theft or injury




Directions from Calgary:

Highway 2 South to 505 Glenwood turnoff West

Landmark you will see Senator Gladstone Hall on Left

Turn on the second gravel road going North watch for ribbon markers onto property

GPS coordinates and pictures will be posted shortly just to take the guesswork out of it ;]

49.348865,-113.44217 – Google Maps



30th Annual Labour-Day Weekend Campout, 2012


Everyone is WELCOME to the 30th annual Labour-Day weekend camp-out

Hosted by the Calling Last family on the Kainai [Blood]Reserve near Standoff, Alberta, Canada.

Five-Day Camp-out Featuring;



*Talking Circles

*Healing Workshops

*Counselling Support

*Closing-Day Feast

*Free Camping

Set up Camp on Thursday, August 30- Friday August 31

Closing- Day Feast September 02,2012

NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS [Security Strictly Enforced]

Everyone is Welcome!

For more information please call;

Orlando Calling Last  403 929-3286


Shelley Evans 403 938-0095

Sponsored by Aboriginal Healing Foundation [Not responsible for Theft or Injury]